For more than 50 years ERDRICH Forming Technology has been offered on the market. Founded as a small company in Oberkirch in Baden, during the last years the company developed consistently and healthfully to a global player in the field of forming technology.
Backgrounds, events, developments in fast motion – 1962 to date.

Michael Weis becomes the new CEO of the Erdrich Group. Together with Joachim Schulz (CFO), he forms the new management team.
Erdrich celebrates 60 years in business.
Franz-Bernd Schenke becomes part of the Management Board. He takes over the position from Dr. Jürgen Simon, who will be responsible for the Technology division in the future.
Georg Erdrich passes the succession of the company to the next generation. Nicolas Erdrich, Joachim Schulz, and Dr. Jürgen Simon assume the management.
Erdrich establishes a new plant in Changzhou, China. Since then, suspension arms and a broad range of formed parts for the auto industry are produced there.
Erdrich keeps expanding into international markets. A new plant is established in the USA in Dublin, Georgia.
The SANDER-Firmengruppe positions itself anew. The production facilities Erdrich and SANDER are merged under the brand name ERDRICH Umformtechnik.
The SANDER group of companies starts in on the Chinese market and establishes a branch in Taicang.
The SANDER group of companies positions itself internationally and builds a plant in Krnov, Czech Republic. Undoubtedly the most modern brake piston plant is developed there, among others.
Due to the great success of the steel brake pistons a second plant is established at the site Sömmerda. The capacity is doubled. Sander Automation GmbH becomes an independent part of the Sander group of companies.
Erdrich Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG becomes independent. The shareholders are Nicolas and Georg Erdrich. The company does from then on belong to the SANDER group of companies, just like SANDER Umformtechnik.
A further development of the SANDER transfer devices for the first time allows the use of these devices in the warm and hot working of metals.
Adolf Hättig retires. Georg Erdrich assumes sole management.
In the Thuringian Sömmerda another subsidiary is established with the designation Erdrich Umformtechnik GmbH & Co.
The first large press is installed.
The subsidiary SANDER Automation GmbH, which produces transfer units, is established in Renchen-Ulm. The parent company starts with the development of smaller devices with intermediary speeds for forming sheet metal.
Georg Erdrich and Adolf Hättig assume the management.
Due to the company growth the headquarters are relocated from Oberkirch to Renchen-Ulm. The company establishes its reputation in the auto industry as an efficient supplier.
Rolf Sander and Adolf Hättig lay the foundation of SANDER Umformtechnik GmbH & Co. KG in Oberkirch. At first, the company produces mainly cutting and punching tools for chipless sheet forming and after that also punching and bending parts in a series.