Quality at Erdrich

Is quality important to you? It is for us too! For this reason, only first-class quality counts for us. Our goal is error-free production.
That is why we try to focus on quality from the very beginning in everything we do, and to avoid mistakes down to the smallest detail - because quality cannot be "tested" at the end of the process. The aim is to establish this firmly in the minds of all employees all along the whole length of the value chain and to use innovative technologies to guarantee this.

Quality Needs Management

We have been implementing a functioning quality management system for a number of years, which covers the entire value-added process. At the same time, we also rely on methods and tools that ensure advance quality planning, which we use as the basis for strict and comprehensive advance testing of suppliers and materials. We plan, develop, and manufacture only with products and materials from certified suppliers. The zero-defect quality is consistently exemplified by our leaders, without any ifs and buts.
Link to the certificates:
IATF Renchen-Ulm | IATF Changzhou | IATF Krnov | IATF Sömmerda | IATF Dublin | Environmental Management Renchen-Ulm/Sömmerda | Environmental Management Changzhou | Environmental Management Dublin | Energy Management Renchen-Ulm/ Sömmerda | Occupational Health and Safety Management Renchen-Ulm/ Sömmerda

Quality Needs People

Quality assurance is part of our corporate culture with which all employees identify. We are aware of our responsibility – on a daily basis. We know - just like you do - that our error-free products can be critical for safety. Together with the appropriate quality managers, our employees therefore ensure that our machines and processes run smoothly and that the parts produced are and remain free of defects.

Quality Needs Technology

There is little point in talking about zero-defect quality. If you want to ensure zero-defect quality in your company, you have to act and invest. We have done this - our quality control has the latest technologies at its disposal to ensure that our customers' demands are met.

Qualität braucht Management

Bereits seit Jahren haben wir ein funktionierendes Qualitätsmanagement implementiert, das den kompletten Wertschöpfungsprozess abdeckt. Dabei setzen wir auch auf Methoden und Werkzeuge
der Qualitätsvorausplanung, anhand derer wir Lieferanten und Materialien bereits im Vorfeld strengen und lückenlosen Prüfungen unterziehen. Wir planen, entwickeln und fertigen nur mit Produkten und Materialen von qualifizierten Lieferanten. Die Null-Fehler-Qualität wird konsequent von unseren Führungspersönlichkeiten vorgelebt, ohne Wenn und Aber.
Link zu den Zertifikaten:

IATF Renchen-Ulm | IATF Changzhou | IATF Krnov | IATF Sömmerda | IATF Dublin | Umweltmanagement Renchen-Ulm/Sömmerda | Umweltmanagement Changzhou | Umweltmanagement Dublin | Umweltmanagement Krnov | Energiemanagement Rechen-Ulm/Sömmerda | Arbeits- und Gesundheitsschutz Renchen-Ulm/Sömmerda