Production technologies


Deep-drawing is one of our core competences. As a qualified specialist in this area we continuously develop our know-how and have thus acquired a competitive advantage in recent years. We have already for many years been able to realize different wall thicknesses in one component part. For example, a greater wall thickness might be necessary at the bottom of the part than at the cylindrical section. Also, the use of different materials like aluminum, steel, and stainless steel does by far not bring us to our limits. To the contrary - we would like to pass today’s limits of deep-drawing technology for you and with you!


Punching is not always punching. Due to our many years of experience we are able to realize technically complex solutions by understanding how to combine different techniques and processes. We punch parts on which we use and connect the progressive stamping technology as well as specifically the transfer technology. With others, however, we integrate feeding, fitting, or welding processes into the stamping process - as needed or required. By using innovative tool technologies we are able to produce most complex geometries. This opens up a great technical margin for us in order to realize your requirements and our ideas optimally. Our modern press park comprises presses of 32 to 1250 tons. We produce quickly, precisely, economically, and ensure highest process safety.

Fine cutting

Fine cutting allows the manufacture of demanding, very precise parts. We work with fine cutting presses with a total force of 1600 to a maximum of 8800 KN; this enables us to solve a wide range of customer requirements. Fits or forms with narrow tolerances are generally realizable for us according to customer requirement. In addition, we were successful during the last years to make the fine cutting process even more functional by implementing an innovative machine concept. As our presses are equipped with a precision adjusting system, the evenness requirements for small or extensive parts are realizable without any problems. Also handling high-strength materials hardly forms an obstacle with our combination of precision adjusting system and press.


Economic assembly production - refined for you and ready for assembly.
We produce and mount assemblies efficiently and of exceptional quality. At this we fit together precise and refined punching, fine cutting, or deep-drawing parts with standard parts to create assemblies with own function. Thanks to our highly modern machine parks and our flexible production processes we can also produce complex assemblies. Mounting the individual parts takes place fully automatically or semi-automatically. In doing so not only modern mounting processes like laser or tight welding are smoothly integrated into the process, but also control processes like tightness tests or dimensional checks. Therefore we are successful at aligning high quality with profitability.